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Preview, Revise, and Generate 100% Accurate 1099s in One Go

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 1099 Toolkit lets you review and edit your NAV vendor records for accuracy before you print them out. It's like a "proofreader" but for your 1099s 🖍️


Also available for Business Central

Watch Microsoft Dynamics NAV 1099 Toolkit in action:

Demo starts at 4:17 into presentation

Break free from the frustrating 1099 print-review-revise-reprint-send cycle with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 1099 Toolkit


Without Microsoft Dynamics NAV 1099 Toolkit:

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 1099 Toolkit:

Print your 1099s

Preview your 1099s
Review the printed files

Edit any vendor record that needs corrections (on your own

with 1099 Toolkit's one-click vendor record access)

Revise the erroneous vendor records (with support from your 'IT')Print your 1099s (And send to your vendors and the IRS)
Reprint your 1099s 
Re-revise (if needed, again, with support from your 'IT')
Reprint your 1099s (And send to your vendors and the IRS)



Get 1099-filing ready … way before the deadline: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 1099 Toolkit at a glance: 


Preview before printing

Catch errors (such as missing IDs or codes) before printing your 1099s.

Correct vendor records for accuracy

Make the actual vendor records and your 1099s tally by correcting any errors in the records.

Save hours (or days) off your 1099 filing

Simply avoiding all the rework can save you tens to hundreds of hours.

Process even the trickiest invoice breakdowns

Report partial invoice amounts and adjust even the non-reportable amounts on invoices (that combine both reportable and non-reportable amounts.)

Generate the accompanying 1096 on the fly

If you mail your 1099s, the IRS also needs you to submit a 1096, the summary report of your 1099s. Get your copy with one click with 1099 Toolkit.

One-click upload to the IRS FIRE portal 

Processing more than 250 1099s that make uploading them to the IRS FIRE portal mandatory? No worries ... with our 1099 Toolkit, you get a ready-to-upload file with all your 1099s.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 1099 Toolkit is right for you if:


✔️ You dread January 31st — the 1099 deadline — as it looms in each year … because you're horrified at the volume of processing that awaits you. 


✔️ You routinely see errors in your printed 1099 copies and have to request your "IT" to fix the erroneous records.


✔️ You want to ensure that you file 100% accurate 1099s on time, always. And avoid any possible fines.


Addon screenshots:

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