Jet Reports Launcher

Jet Reports Launcher Dynamics NAV / Navision Addon Item Box

Addon for Dynamics NAV / Navision

Launch any Jet Report from inside Dynamics NAV / Navision with just one click.


Show and run Jet Reports from your Dynamics NAV / Navision menu.
Password protect reports to control access.
Group reports by functional area for easy access.

ScreenshotView and launch reports from the Dynamcis NAV Menu.

Launch Jet Reports with One Click

Easily set up a list of Jet Reports that will show up in the "Reports" section of different modules.

You can specify on-the-fly parameters such as: whether or not the reports should run automatically or show the option window, if the user should select the data source, and where the report sits on the file system. In addition, you can password protect reports so that only certain users can run them from the menu.

This addon makes launching reports, including end of period procedures, as simple as opening up your Dynamics NAV / Navision menu and clicking on the report your wish to run!

ScreenshotGroup reports by type, and launch them from inside Dynamics NAV.

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